Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Turkey and Stuffing and So Much to be Thankful For....

So I totally lost track of time with the Thanksgiving holiday last week (I can't even believe that Thanksgiving has already come and gone!) O and I hosted the family at our house which meant I got to cook the Turkey and make the homemade stuffing to go along with it. I have done this before so not totally a huge deal and lucky for me I have the best Mom in the world who made some of the sides to bring over so I didn't have to make the whole thing by myself. Have I mentioned how much I love our family? Anyways Thanksgiving went off without a hitch and everything turned out wonderful, we ate we drank and stuffed ourselves silly. O filmed some of the prep making the dinner, he was inspired by the Podcast Epic Meal Time. If you have never watched these guys, do it! It's Jackass for the kitchen and is not for those with weak stomachs. Trust me you will laugh yourself silly watching these guys.

So Thanksgiving Day came and went and I hope you all had a wonderful one full of family and friends and love. I don't believe in Black Friday so I wasn't out there with the masses late Thursday night (I was enjoying my family) or at the butt crack of dawn either. I had to work Friday and so did O. I knew eww and ugghh but lots of people do it and since I work for the Man as in Uncle Sam, everyone else is pretty much gone so I relish the silence and enjoy it to the fullest. I also simultaneously lose my mind and almost collapse from boredom. I really think we should just get the day after Thanksgiving off but who am I to say. I think next year I will take it off just to see what its like :-) Back to not believing in Black Friday and nothing against any of you who participate but seriously ugggh! It makes me insane and I can buy the same thing online for the same price and not get pepper sprayed in my face so some lady can get an Xbox. I will now nicely get off my high horse before I go on a rant, and in case you want to know my horse's name is Spirit or Swift Wind because he is the same just depends. (If you know what amazing cartoon this horse is from you get 500 extra points).

O and I got started on our Christmas decorating and got the tree up which then the cats happily claimed as theirs. I am actually quite proud of them this year as of yet they haven't tried to climb the tree or use the ornaments as balls. And here they are Ninja and Sirius Black in their new favorite nap spot.

So the Holiday season is gearing up to be in full swing and O and I are so excited to be celebrating our first "married" Christmas together. So bring on the cups of Christmas Cheer and house covered in lights. Hope everyone has a wonderful Holiday!

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