Monday, November 7, 2011

Weekend Recap

This weekend was pretty busy in good and not so good ways but I feel positive so I'll skip all the not so fun stuff. Ever since we got married O and I have been nonstop busy, every weekend since we returned from our honeymoon has pretty much been jam packed. Now its not like we haven't been having fun going to wine festivals, celebrating the return of our cousin making it safely home from Afghanistan after a year long deployment, friends birthdays and various other celebrations. And of course we moved on October 1st and finally got the last box unpacked and out of the house last Wednesday.(yay!) Now we are trying to figure out where to hang our art and pictures etc. Oh and did I mention we bought new furniture (double yay!) I am in love with our new bed and bedroom set. We went from a 867 sq. foot apartment to a 2,000 sq. foot townhouse so we had some rooms that at least needed a place for people to sit, ummm like the living room. Pictures to come soon once everything is finished promise. Anyways this weekend was on where we finally got to stay home for the most part.

We started off Friday making our own pizza. O had never made his own pizza before which was kind of a shock to me. I mean really who gets to be 30 and has never made your own pizza. Anyways it turned out awesome and we both got to put our toppings on our respective sides (I love black olives). O is super excited and cant wait to do it again and try out different toppings. I'm hoping it doesn't turn out like some of his omelet creations, like the time he made a pad thai omelet (yep you read it right). But hey at least he is cooking! (it is seriously a step up from when we started dating and he used to make what he called slop). We laid back and caught up on American Horror Story a show that seriously everyone should watch, and had a bottle of wine. Could not have asked for a better Friday night.

Saturday we relaxed and ran some errands and went shopping at O's request and yes I do know I am the luckiest woman alive. I even got a new pair of sunglasses out of it along with picking out O some nice shirts. We went out and celebrated a friends birthday and had a blast. I love pumpkin beer and Capital City Brewery has a great one!

Sunday was a bummer but wont get into that but just to say we were helping a friend we consider to be a sister and it was rough but I am glad we were there to help her through it and things are good now!

That's a little round up from our weekend! Hope you all had a great one too!

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