Friday, November 4, 2011

Everyone Has a First

And this is mine! Im J and just popped by blogging cherry. Being a hardcore blog reader, I follow about a bazillion I decided that perhaps I should contribute as well. I mean people are sure to want to read about my husbands and I's adventures or awesome night sitting at home eating pizza and watching old Kung-Fu movies (well that would be his choice if he had one). I mean people post the just about anything and everything now, why can't I?

Seriously though, we both will be posting (well most likely mostly me) and sharing our Rants and Loves and favorites and our adventures as newlyweds. We just got married September 10, 2011 or 9.10.11 as O will tell most people. At an old haunted mansion in Occoquan, VA. I love ghosts by they way, I just don't want to meet any. If anything we will have a nice journal to remember our years together with and will be able to keep friends and family that we have sprinkled over the globe up to date and perhaps keep you awake for those 5 minutes it takes you to read this and you are nodding off at your desk at work.

So thank you for being the first, I promise to be exciting (or as much as I can be). Will also post pictures soon as well. Here's to hoping that we keep up with this like our plan is to do.


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