Friday, March 2, 2012

Oh the places you'll go!

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss! Today the movie The Lorax comes out in theaters as well, I was super excited because The Lorax is my favorite Dr. Seuss book and I can't get enough. Then this morning I heard the reviews and it made me sad that they were less than stellar. I really hate it when Hollywood takes something amazing and then effs it all up. Hey but they could be wrong and I may just love it (even if Taylor Swift and Zac Efron are voicing two of the characters)-so Im going to give it a chance. Not this weekend but maybe next weekend I will get the chance to go see it. See the last two Saturdays I spent all day watching the 9 films nominated for best picture at the AMC Best Picture Showcase. I LOVE MOVIES, I LOVE GOING TO THE MOVIES YESSIR! I was very proud of myself for only having seen The Help out of all the nominations. As I am sure you all know (since I have been delayed from updating this recently due to the fact I keep trying to master sleeping at work with my eyes open and still being productive and then I get home and crash) The Artist won best picture and yay for them although it was not my personal favorite and would have like to see The Descendants or Midnight and Paris grab that one. The only movie I never ever want to see again is Tree of Life, just saying once is more than enough for me but go ahead and watch it for yourself and then get back to me on that one.

I loved this movie and I read the book which made me cry like a baby. I am warning you  I bawled my ever loving eyes out during this movie. Seriously I cried so much I couldn't breathe. BUT you should see it.


Like I said earlier I have just been tired for the past week and have been slacking again at updating. I promise I will try to do better but even right now I feel like I could crash and take a 2 hour nap and not even that would be enough. Must have more caffeine stat...seriously I need more coffee in my life (even more than the 2-4 cups I already drink every day). We celebrated my little brother (not so little anymore at 28) 's birthday this past Sunday and I made Coca Cola Meatballs and baked "fried" pickles. Success! We had ribs and brisket, all the sides and cake and ice cream for dessert. Not too shabby for a Sunday.
 And here are my awesome baked fried pickles (which is a favorite of mine) and you can get the recipe here

O has been coaching High School and now Middle School wrestling at 2 local schools and loving every minute. O love wrestling more than anything else, except for me (I hope). O and the other coaches at the middle and high school are starting a wrestling club and have been hitting tournaments with the kids on the weekends. O will be wrestling in a tournament himself sometime in April and I can't wait to see my hubby back in action and pinning down guys on the mat. Tonight we have a hot date since we haven't really gotten many chances to sit down and enjoy each others wit and company between wrestling, movies and just the busy busy day to day we have been having lately. Then O will be off at a wrestling tournament in Richmond Saturday and  I am looking forward to sleeping in and getting somethings done around the house that we have been putting off. I will be heading out with the boys another weekend or two or three soon. For now all I have to say is have a good one and GO WARHAMMERS!

And seriously I took this picture on my phone February 20th and seriously we have daffodils in FEBRUARY! The weather has been so crazy and really a mild winter (minus the day of the bursting pipe and the day of no heat of course) Yesterday it was 70 here in the DC area and not for the first time this winter. Now we have a whole garden of daffodils blooming and I have decided that Spring just has to come now because Winter already had his chance.