Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Because I Can

In the beginning of October O and I went to see Ben Harper in concert at the 9:30 club. I have been having a love affair with Ben Harper's music since I was 15, seriously if you don't listen to him you should and if you ever get to see him in concert DO IT. This isn't about Ben though.

The opening act was a singer by the name of Grace Woodroofe and she is in a word amazing. Seriously I love her voice and have been listening to her album on repeat today. Sorry my friends here in the good old USA but we can't get her album here yet, she is an Australian singer and I only got it because I purchased the album at the concert. It should be here in 2012 so keep an eye out and get it, I mean it your ears will thank you later. I love this song, but my favorites are Bear and Transformer.

Since I am on a music kick Zac Brown Band is a great group to see live too and put on an awesome show! O and I were lucky enough to see them twice this year and get a chance to meet them too - I also thank Zac Brown Band for turning O into a country music fan.

And just because I can here is Straight No Chaser from last week in Richmond (told you easy on the eyes and you should hear them sing!)

O and I have such a diverse taste in music seriously between the two of us I don't think there is anything we don't like, This post is totally random but I'll close with a memory from one of our first dates -- I am feeling rather nostalgic today. O took me to see George Clinton Parliament Funkadelic. O thought I would have no clue about the music and I totally opened his eyes to a whole other side of myself. As he said I danced circles around him all night long and I know he loved every minute. I got a hot pink t-shirt from this concert and I love wearing it to work-- just because people always look at me funny when I do.
O may not know it but that night is one of my favorite memories that I will carry with me forever.

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