Thursday, February 23, 2012

So its been awhile...

So its been awhile and really so much has been going on I haven't really had time to post anything, but they have been good things so that is a definite plus to being busy. When we weren't busy I was so tired I didn't have the energy to write or post anything.

This is what we have been up to (the long and the short of it)
  • I turned 30! My birthday was amazing and full of surprises and really 30 isn't so bad afterall. O surprised me the day before my birthday with a lincoln town car and driver and whisked me away to D.C. for a romantic dinner at Cuba Libre (which is amazing and my favorite). Saturday I celebrated with friends and family and felt so loved and also quite tipsy by the end of the night. (Why is it people want to get you wasted on your birthday, I am not sure but it sure is fun!)
  • Our hot water heater broke and in turn our heat stopped working, fun luck runs rampant in our house but it is all back and working now. The pilot on our hot water heater broke (due to a faulty part) and I decided to wait until Monday (the 13th of Feb) to have the plumber come out and fix it since they charged and extra $260 per hour to come out on the weekend (I was trying to be nice to our landlord). Well I didn't realize that we have an Aquatherm heater which uses hot water to heat the house (so very energy efficient of us and to me credit the owner did not know that either) so living with cold water thats fine, no heat not so good, being gone all day and coming home at 10 pm to a freezing cold house (this was the coldest weekend all winter of course as well 20 some degrees outside yay!) not fun. Saturday night we snuggled up with the kitties and space heaters and Sunday after being told they had to order the part they actually found it somewhere and by Sunday night we were back in business.
  • We have carpet and walls and our house is all back to normal! YES YES YESSSIR this is so wonderful. It was all finished on the 17th of February and I couldn't be happier, I never knew how much I loved carpet and hated cement until I had to live with it for a month. We will post pictures soon, since I have decided this called for a little redecorating as well (I mean its a good excuse to put all the skills and ideas I have been getting off of pinterest to good use)
In between all this we celebrated other birthdays and had family gatherings. We just installed a new closet system in the coat closet (with a little help from Dad). We are truly thankful for everything we have and know that God was looking out for us and things could always be and have been worse. I have to admit though I am over this fun luck streak and looking forward to quiet and boring hopefully for the rest of the year.

That's all for now! I am excited to be going to the AMC Best Picture Showcase this weekend to see the films nominated for Best Picture and O is going to a wrestling tournament with his middle school wrestlers in Richmond. Sunday we are celebrating my bratty brothers birthday (well he isn't really a brat but is pretty awesome but all little brothers will always be somewhat bratty in their older siblings minds).

Promise to try and post more and keep things more current and witty (or at least try).