Tuesday, January 10, 2012

When it rains it POURS

In our case though it didn't even need to rain to have water pouring from our ceiling all over the first floor of our house. O got home last Wednesday and our first floor was flooded and water was gushing from a pipe that had burst. How long had it been raining inside our house who knows but why couldn't it have happened while we were at home ugghh. That's life though I guess. We rent our townhouse and so are working with the landlord in getting everything back to normal quickly. And now our house is dry- yay! We spent 5 days with 13 industrial fans and 2 dehumidifiers and it was not fun, but as of yesterday we are free and dry and in the clear! That is a huge relief and now we wait to have carpet and few other repairs made and we can get back to normal. How long until it gets done is the question and with insurance you never know (or so I am told since I have never filed an insurance claim before and well there is a first time for everything). So I try not to cry every time I walk in the house and it is a little bit easier now but I am a neat freak and have slight obsessive compulsive tendencies so it is hard for me. O was in awe of why I had to organize all the things we brought up from the first floor into separate boxes etc. each specifically for a room downstairs, well organizing makes me feel better (maybe I have control issues you think?) and besides it will make it that much easier to put everything back when this whole ordeal is over. The long and the short of it is this sucks- big time and dealing with everything sucks even more BUT we will get past it and we will be done with all of this soon and things could be much worse. So we are thankful that it was only the first floor and that the damage wasn't worse because it could have been much worse than it was and besides who knows maybe we will start a trend with cement floors as the new it thing to have in your home :-) and while we are thankful we ask for your good vibes and prayers to get things swiftly taken care of and that everyone is happy in the end with the outcome.

While in the midst of this O decided that I was right about us having WAY too many dvds (after having to carry them all to the third floor in a hurry) and so we sorted through them (well he did mostly while I was being crazy and organizing things into boxes) and went to O's favorite place 2nd and Charles and we got $106 for them - YAY! We also left with 20 more comic books for O, but as he tells me this will be an investment and really in 20 years those comics will be worth a lot of money. So here's to retiring early with all the money we will make off comic books!

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