Wednesday, January 4, 2012

it all started with a book

First off Happy New Year and hope everyone is off to a great start to 2012! O and I had an awesome end to 2011 and 2012 is starting off pretty well. It has been freezing here in Northern Va the past few days, I really don't want to get out of bed when I see that its 13 degrees outside. I was not made for cold weather and I hate it, unless there is snow as long as its not snowing on my birthday. Having a birthday in February I had many a birthday party cancelled because of snow and ice and what have you.

Monday Jan 2 O and I both had off work and I had really been wanting to check out the new used book store 2nd and Charles. I got the 4th book in the Inheritance Cycle "Inheritance" for Christmas from O and I used to own the first book "Eragon" but over the past 6 years I had lost it, I own all the other books and so I wanted the first one to complete my collection. Yes Yes I could have downloaded it to my Nook but there are some books you just need hard copies of and I have hard copies of all the others so maybe due to my OCD I needed the first book as well. I also wanted to reread the entire series again since its been a couple years since the third book came out and I need a refresher on whats going on.

So first I convinced O that we should go out to lunch and I even got him to go eat Thai food which was amazing. I needed some green curry to start the New Year right! Then off we went to 2nd and Charles and the whole way there O complained. "Why do you need to go buy the book!?" "I hope this doesn't take long". I just told him I wanted the book and I knew I could get a deal if it was used. And so we went and then we went into the store and this is what happened...I ran to the back and grabbed the book and it was only $3.85 SCORE! and then turned around and couldn't find O anywhere. 2nd and Charles has everything, video game consoles, video games, ipads, books, dvds, cds they have it all. Then I saw him in the comic book section and there he stayed for an hour. Then he found the video games. And so our quick trip into a store O didn't even want to go into took us an hour and half and this is what we ended up with:

The entire reason we went to 2nd and Charles

And 15 comic books and an Xbox 360 Elite for $160 notice only the book is for me.
(Also now we need a Kinect so I can play awesome fun games like Dance Central and drive O nuts!)

 Here is another picture with Ninja in it since he is an attention whore and just so darn cute!


Lesson Learned never take O with me to 2nd and Charles again. Also I love that store!

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