Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Is January over yet?

Not that I am that excited for February since my Birthday is the fourth and I am hitting that milestone big 3-0 and I am not really that excited about that.

But seriously January 2012 has sucked a big one and I am not talking about a lollipop or popsicle. I am over it. I want our house to be back to normal and I want all this insurance drama to be over and I want my routine back and everyone to be happy and healthy. Every other day something is going on and usually its not the best of news, and its making me grouchy. Seriously, my happy smiley demeanor is fading quickly and I am finding it harder and harder to be nice.

So we are still rocking the concrete floors but we bought some nice area rugs so that does make it better, I still sigh every time I come home though.  See how pretty the rug is though :-)
We also have our closet door sealed with plastic and lovely blue painters tape since there is a wall missing and old man winter has started to make and appearance and that cold air was straight up blowing into the house making it freezing. But now it is so much warmer, we just divert our eyes from our saran wrapped closet. It depresses me but I know things could be worse and mostly it is the other fun and games that are coming along with all this mess that are making me cuckoo. I can't talk about it but I will be so happy when this is all over. There really is so much to be thankful though, like that our gorgeous walls were not destroyed and that it really could be so much worse that it is. I am thankful for that, it is just starting to get to me.

Oh and by the way NEVER GO TO JIFFY LUBE. They suck and have added to my winter blues. They broke my car when I went in for an oil change. I drove away thinking how smart I was for getting it done one time and how there wasn't a line and then white smoke billowed from the tail pipe and my car wouldn't accelerate. WTF!? Lucky for me I have a great friend who followed me back since I was scared I was going to break down in the middle of the road or an intersection and end up on the 4 o'clock news for being the lady in the hoopty who cause a 10 mile backup. My car has never done this before ever and for the record it is definitely not a hoopty, so I was a little upset. So they gave me an excuse for what happened, even though between you and me I think they didn't put oil in the car. It is all back together and working well now. But I am NEVER going back there again. I have hear horror stories about Jiffy Lube before and I should have headed the warnings. Lesson learned.

I also got to spend time with my wonderful delightful cousins (in case you can't read sarcasm that statement is dripping with it). I love my family and my cousins, but sometimes they can turn into Satan and that's how I know we are really related. Everyone is well and on the mend now but I am sure I will get lots more qaulity one on one time with the little darlings. Also side note I am never having more than 3 kids seriously anymore than that and I might lose my mind. I have lots of respect for all parents but even more for people with half a dozen children.

Happy news though we booked a house at Chincoteague Island, VA for vacation this Summer, YAY! That is so a silver lining and now the countdown to June begins! I cannot wait for time with the family, sunshine, ocean waves and sand between my toes! Early morning bike rides, and seeing the wild ponies and amazing wildlife on Assateague.

Sorry for my ranting and venting but this has been the longest month ever. Hoping that we get our house back soon and we can move along and put this all behind us. O and I decided that after this month we have gotten all our bad luck for the year out of the way, so come on February and the rest of 2012! I am so lucky to have such a great husband who loves me and brings me wine for dinner.

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