Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Santa I know him!

So I didn't die from the invasion at the beginning of the month but did have lots of fun and then I got busy getting my Christmas on! Then I got the flu the weekend before Christmas and then I started feeling better enough to get my Christmas Cookie bake-a-thon on and now its all over and I can try to breathe through my stuffed up nose again. It was a whirlwind of a month so far and I loved every single minute of all the holiday festivities with the family. O and I are so truly blessed in so many ways!

Santa came to our house Christmas Eve and we woke up to wonderful gifts and full stockings! I was relaxing looking at the tree and our gifts and playing with Ninja and Sirius Black (our cat children not human children-I am not that strange to name human children that and besides we don't have any human children yet that I know of) and O kept making a big deal about how I should go make a cup of coffee for myself. Now O doesn't drink coffee so I was like what the what is your problem-and got up to go make coffee in the kitchen while O presumably watched and much to my surprise there was this - SCORE! ( I love my husband! and not just because he surprises me with awesome coffee on Christmas morning but because he is wonderful and funny and loving and caring and just perfect!)
We had Christmas morning just the two of us (a perfect 1st married Christmas) and Ninja and Sirius who played with the wrapping paper and snuggled and had a perfect Christmas morning. Then we packed up and headed over to my parents (Momma Bear and Papa Bear) house to have brunch and open gifts there with my brother Mario and his wife Princess Toadstool and most importantly eating Stolen which is my favorite part of Christmas Morning. After a few wonderful hours there sharing and laughing and relaxing we headed home (YAY because we only like about 5 miles away). We relaxed and watched Elf (which was the movie for our family Christmas trivia game and we won for the second year in a row!) and just enjoyed the afternoon. Then we headed to my aunts where EVERYONE met up for dinner, fun and family. We seriously have the best family ever, I mean it you may think you have us beat but you don't. I love how much love there is in our family which is the best gift anyone could ever ask for...don't you agree?

Now its back to work and back to the daily grind well somewhat since O and I are both working this week but 95% of everyone else isn't so there is not much to do but I do find pretending that there was a Zombie outbreak and not much else is happening outside my cubicle walls helps time go by faster during the day... New Years Eve is coming up on Saturday and I can't believe how fast the year went by! I am so excited for a new year and new adventures and celebrations in 2012.

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and end 2011 right and have a great beginning to 2012! Oh and that's me with my nose covered in Vaseline and catching a cottonball on my nose---told you my family is awesome! (we are also very competitive which is why playing Christmas games is so much fun but we love each other even more and that's what counts most!)

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