Saturday, April 28, 2012

Getting back on track...

So I haven't been keeping up with this like I planned to but at least it hasn't been a month since my last post. I think that deserves a gold star!

I have been have some issues and I'm broken... boo hiss. I was born with umbilical hernia and it decided to pop up at a most inconvenient time (well there is never a good time to have hernia. This is the first time I have ever experienced this and it is painful! I have been in a pain for a couple of weeks and went to the Dr. who sent me to the E.R. to rule out more serious things. And here I am! So we are working on getting this taken care of. I have mild umbilical hernia and it is ouchy! So I hate to know what it feels like when it is full fledged how that feels. Here is hoping to getting this resolved and never dealing with it again! (You know the power of positive thinking and all that jazz.)

If you know me I don't let things stop me, or at least I try not too. O has been all up on me about not doing stuff blah blah blah... umm how am I supposed to have fun!?

Well it hasn't stopped us too much, last weekend (which was also before I actually went to the Dr. and the Fun Police started regulating me) we went to the Metro Richmond Zoo to celebrate my friend and her son's birthday (who turned 1!) Two of my good friends both have children born one to two days after their own birthdays. Best Birthday presents ever if you ask me! I also think its pretty neat but they may not agree with me. (too bad!) The zoo was pretty fun and you could feed the animals and get pretty close. 

A Fabulous and Fun time was had by all! I love being able to see friends that I really should see more often, and really Richmond is not that far away at all! We also got a chance to stop by and see my friend Pocahontas and her little family and had a fun but too short catch up visit with them as well!

We are so looking forward to the summer and trips to the beach and making memories with friends and family this year. So much goodness is coming up in the next few months! Don't worry I will do better on keeping things up dated on here (ohh I am such a tease aren't I!?)

Much Love,
J and O

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